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Towns and Communities Online Portal
Basic facts (last change April 18th 2002)

Towns and Communities Online Portal (TCOP) is a nation wide teledemocracy web site supporting online information exchange between local governments and citizens in the Czech Republic.

"Our mission is to gradually develop online easy-to-use services in order to support electronic communication between public administration and citizens".

The TCOP web site provides complete list of the Czech municipalities and to each czech Council its own free database driven homepage, which can be online updated and used as an Archive of Council documents.

Discussion Forums and Mail Forms supports citizens to engage themselves in the democratic decision making process by giving comfortable opportunity to express their points of view by the use of online multimedia.

The Portal provides web forms (it uses more than 1700 registered municipalities, April 2002) and specialized program vismo for municipal document and information publishing (apr. 1000 municipalities, April 2002).

The TCOP site is provided by WEBHOUSE, s.r.o., contact person: Jan Savicky.

In cooperation with Union of Czech Towns and Communities.

Many thanks to our commercial partners:
Cesky Telecom, a.s. - Internet OnLine
Microsoft, s.r.o.
PVT, a.s.

The Portal offers the following services:

Selected pages of the TCOP (examples)
(the whole content is written in Czech)

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